Sony E3 Predictions 2017


Here we are, the penultimate press conference of E3 for 2017. There has been some good showings this year, and with Xbox One X coming out later this year, Sony is going to have to show some big hitters. So what can we expect?


Guess #1 – Crash Team Racing – Sony has been teasing some “exclusive” Crash franchise news for their E3 conference. Giving the mystery of N’Sane Trilogies platform release this is the one Crash thing that Sony could keep on their platform because they own the rights to it. I think we may get a remake of CTR which will either be a stand alone title – but more likely to be DLC for the N’Sane Trilogy. I don’t care which way it comes, as long as it comes!


Guess #2 – Devil May Cry 5 – Again with the teases, Sony has mentioned that they have some big Japanese games coming this E3 with the console market in Japan picking up again. What better way to solidify their position in Japan with one of the best hack’n’slash games that not only Japan, but the rest of the world is craving. It has been a long wait but I think this is the year we see a new mainline Devil May Cry.


Guess #3 – Shenmue 1 & 2 Remasters – recent news of the Shenmue 3 delay have bummed out fans around the globe. The biggest ever Kick-starter game took the internet by storm 2 years ago and while it’s delay wasn’t totally unexpected it is certainly not what the fans wanted. So what better way to appease them with Sony showing off some shiny new versions to keep current fans occupied until 3’s release, and to introduce the series to new comers! It’s a win-win!

So, wild cards…what could possibly Sony have up their sleeves to close out their show or to re-peak interest mid show? Here is what I think.

monster hunter

Wildcard – Monster Hunter – I am not too sure what way they will go with this, maybe a stand alone title exclusive to the PS4 console either as a traditional type of game that 3DS has become accustomed too, or MMO version. There has been a lot of Monster Hunter on Sony platforms rumours bouncing around the internet recently , and in my opinion if it’s going to happen now is the time. Plus, could you imagine a PS4 Monster Hunter MMO? IT would be huge! People (like myself) who get put off by the massive grind on a small 3DS screen and game pad would have an alternative option to fill Capcoms pockets! They would be silly not too!

Sonys press conference is live at 2am BST.


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