EA Press Conference Predictions

ea e3

Hooray! It is the return of E3 – aka A Gamers Christmas! Luckily, life has calmed down a bit as well so I actually have time to sit down a right a post about it! For the next few days me and Luvva will be bringing you what we expect in these conferences as well as a few cheeky wish-list predictions! So, shall we begin with EA? I think we shall!

With EA we are probably dealing with the most predictable of all the press conferences. We can sure as hell expect the usual suspects in Fifa, Madden, Need For Speed and Battlefront – that much is a giving. However, during there plan there is two spots for unconfirmed games, so shall we speculate a bit into what they could be?


My first prediction for these spots is another entry into the Plants V Zombies franchise. I think they will announce a new Garden Warfare, perhaps with a bigger focus on the open world type aspects that were found in 2, but maybe with some progress tied into a new mobile title as well. Now that we don’t get a new Battlefield every year I could quite easily see EA turning Garden Warfare into a yearly effort – hopefully without that much of a quality drop!

ea bioware

My second prediction for these spots is a new Star Wars IP. Maybe in the same vain as Knights Of The Old Republic. We saw the mess that was Mass Effect Andromeda and I am hoping Bioware could ditch that series for a bit and try to win favour back with delving back into Star Wars lore and giving fans what we have wanted for many, many years! Please Mr Bioware?

fifa street

Of course no E3 post is never complete without an off the cuff prediction, so here is mine! I am predicting the return of Fifa Street! We all saw the hype generated by Saber Interactive when they first unveiled NBA Playgrounds and I think the general gaming population is ready for a new generation of arcadey sports games – so why not bring back probably the best of the best in that particular genre? It just makes sense!

EA Press Conference will be live streamed on Youtube and Twitch today at 8pm GMT (or local equivalent!)

Are you excited for E3 this year?

What are you expecting from EA at E3?

Let us know in the comments!


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