Playstation Plus Games June 2017

Another late post (seriously, why bother Luvva). This time it worked in my favour though – if you have no PS Plus Subscription and you sign up for 12 months during June, you will get a free copy of Star Wars Battlefront as a thank you from Sony! Unfortunately; people with an active subscription cannot avail of this offer.

June has officially started which means that the PS Plus games update will happen on Tuesday (as is the schedule) – but “what is included with this update?” I hear you frantically scream at your monitor (silly reader; we can’t hear you through the monitor). Well dear reader, you should already know the answer to that question because they got announced on Wednesday!

It’s the best month in absolutely ages in case you haven’t heard; for those of you who missed the news though, here it is in full!


Life is Strange: is the episodic game from Dontnod Entertainment was met with wide critical acclaim. It follows the story of Max Caulfield, a teenage girl who has the power to rewind time at any point, manipulating the butterfly effect every time. The games biggest critical success however was the fact that every decision the player makes throughout the journey has tangible effects on the rest of the story.

I’ve been meaning to play this game for a very long time and I am excited for Tuesday.

Killing floor 2: is a cooperative first person shooter for up to 6 players. Again it received good reviews from everyone who praised it for its fast, fluid and fun gameplay as well as its well implemented multiplayer facets. The game is wave based and pits the players against the evil, invading Zeds.

Again, it’s a game I’ve been meaning to purchase and play!


Abyss Odyssey: Is an interesting mix of genres – borrowing from such titles as Super Smash Bros, The Binding of Isaac and everything else in-between – to create a unique Action Adventure game. Although it received mixed reviews at release it is a unique title that will have as many fans as it does haters – surely, now that it’s free, it’s worth the punt…

WRC 5: World Rally Championship: is a rally game from BigBen interactive (the makers of the recent Flatout game) which received mixed reviews (but skewing on the positive side); most of its praise came from its visuals but fell on its unspectacular racing model and engine. What we have here is a solid racer that is worth a download at the price Sony is asking this month!


Spy Chameleon: IS an arcade-puzzle game in which the player controls a chameleon that must traverse levels without being seen by the enemies. Using the characters ability to change colour and moving at the right time means that the game is simple but well realised. It reviewed quite well at release and seems to be worth your time if you still play on VITA.

Neon Chrome: Is a tough, top-down shooter from the people who brought you; well, nothing really of note – 10Tons are a small company that specialise in online and mobile games. Neon Chrome is such a title but don’t let that put you off, it reviewed incredibly well and for all accounts and purposes it’s a well-crafted twin stick shooter that, although looks primitive, is deep and rewarding. Again, what have you got to lose?

Overall this month is a damned good one – the range is excellent and the quality is high enough to dip into anyone of the titles – if only WipeOut wasn’t out this week…

What will you be picking up?

Tell me in the comments!

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