34…reasons the Dreamcast is still the best games console ever

Well the day has come and my plans didn’t quite come to fruition (god damn GCSEs and my day job getting right in the way of an amazing idea)! Like all good guys who have broken a commitment, I’m here to grovel with something that is far too little, too late.

On Tuesday I turned 34; so here is the second instalment in my “series” (do two posts constitute a series? Put your answer in the comment section) “34…”

For my money there has never been a better console than the SEGA Dreamcast; SEGA’s swansong in the home consoles had an incredible array of positives that it is still unmatched nearly 20 years later. What are these positives? Well; let’s find out…

1. SEGA had never been better…

2. …nor would they ever be better

3. Every aspect of the console was used regularly from the modem to the 4 controller ports; everything was there to add to the players experience and none of it was a gimic.

4. The Dreamcast was, at least, 5 years ahead of its time.

5. I had never dreamed of games looking as good as Sonic Adventure or Trickstyle did in 1999 – they represent a moment on a par with the Mario 64 reveal.

6. Online play worked incredibly well it became a staple of every console after and changed gaming forever.

7. SEGA sold games over the internet for incredible prices; Chu Chu Rocket (free) and Toy Racer (£5),

8. DLC was created with the Dreamcast (to the best of my knowledge) as Toy Commander released mission packs with the Official Dreamcast Magazine cover discs.

9. The VMU (battery life aside) was genius and birthed off-screen play.

10. Analogue triggers were made compulsory for racing games and they debuted on Dreamcast.

11. VGA compatibility created the need for games to be of high fidelity and it could be argued that the race to HDMI started with the Dreamcast.

12. Arcade superior ports changed the home gaming landscape – gone was the desire for “arcade perfect” now home games could outperform and be better looking than their arcade counterparts.

13. Game specific peripherals turned homes into the arcade.

14. It provided Microsoft with a foothold in the gaming industry.

15. Everything about the Dreamcast hardware/peripherals was incredibly high quality.

16. Games like ‘Seaman’ were more than just tech demos – it was a proof of concept and it led to hardware developments like the Kinect – while Samba de Amigo was the first step to motion controls at home.

17. SEGA’s constant experimentation, originality and innovation created an amazing games library for the system…

18. …Jet Set Radio

19. …Space Channel 5

20. …Crazy Taxi

21. …Soul Caliber

22. …PowerStone 1&2

23. …Shenmue 1&2

24. …House of the Dead 2

25. …Metropolis Street Racer

26. …Phantasy Star Online V.2

27. …Skies of Arcadia

28. …Virtua Tennis 2

29. …Chu Chu Rocket

30. …I could list more genre-defining games that only appeared on or debuted on Dreamcast but the point has been made.

31. SEGA focused on making the Dreamcast utterly unique – they turned away from the drive of making games serious and made their games FUN!

32. It launched at a ridiculously good value price of £199.99

33. Official Dreamcast Magazine is still one of the best gaming magazines ever put to print.

34. The ratio of great games to terrible ones is vastly in favour of great ones – the library on Dreamcast is so skewed towards extremely high quality it’s not really fair on competitors.

 So tell me in the comments; what is your personal favourite console and why?




8 thoughts on “34…reasons the Dreamcast is still the best games console ever

  1. So many memories! I credit Crazy Taxi with me getting my lowest GCSE grade (Physics) due it being delivered the day before my exam. I don’t remember getting a single game on that system that I didn’t love playing. Well, maybe Chu Chu Rocket, but that’s only because I sucked at it.

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  2. I never owned a Dreamcast, but I would have loved to. I would have enjoyed having the system at the time! I’ve at least enjoyed ports to other systems, including Skies of Arcadia and Chu Chu Rocket! Both excellent games!


  3. I would have loved to have a Dreamcast, but alas, we just weren’t meant to be. And what an amazing cast of games! (Seeing them makes me even sadder that I never had one.) In any event, my personal favorite console would have to be the SNES, if only for the countless hours I spent on it in Mario games, Super Metroid, and Street Fighter games.


    • The SNES is not a bad console at all – unfortunately I was a SEGA kid growing up and I had the Mega Drive (Genesis) which was a kick ass machine! My personal second favourite of all time tbh…

      ….recently though I have been playing a SNES emu and Super Metroid is a brilliant game – absolutely fantastic that’s jumping into my best of… lists from today onwards!

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