Should You Try Marvel Heroes Omega?

…Diablo + Marvel = ???


This coming Tuesday marks the release of the PS4 version of Marvel Heroes Omega (formerly  known as Marvel Heroes). It’s a free to play MMO, action RPG where you roam around iconic locations from the Marvel universe while leveling up your favorite heroes to level 60 to partake in the end game content. All of this sounds great, but is it worth your time?

As some of you may be aware, but in the day I was properly addicted to the Diablo franchise. Ever since Luvva bought me the Diablo 1 + 2 battle chest all those years ago I have never really looked back. I feel in love with my Necromancer and that itch to constantly strive for new gear never really went away! This addiction carried over to Borderlands until Diablo 3 came out. Borderlands is great but there is just something about the way Diablo handles loot which just grabs me by my addictive personality.

As a Marvel fan, a game which mixes Diablo style of game play while I get to play with the likes of Wolverine and Hawkeye sounded like a dream come true! And it was! I paid £40 for the founders pack on the day of release of Marvel Heroes on PC and spent many many hours leveling up my Wolverine, Hawkeye, Spider-man and Gambit. It was an amazing experience!

Fast forward about a year later and that’s when I started running into issues. Gazillion Studios started updating the graphics and within one or two patches it became unplayable for me on my PC. It chugged, it dropped frames like all heck so I had to make the hard decision to drop the game and just not look back. I dabbled with Diablo 3 on PS4 but the fact that the PS3 version got hacked and Diablo 3 allowed characters to be transferred from PS3 to PS4 I never really felt I was on a level playing field so that addiction never really hit as hard as what it did on PC.

So when Gazillion announced that Marvel Omega was coming to PS4 I was over the moon! Finally, a game I enjoyed on a platform which should handle the game better than my current PC! I bought the Spider-man founders pack and jumped into the closed beta. I never really got far though, the game chugged and dropped frames – so I got a bit discouraged and left the game to build up until the early access released yesterday for early adopters. I jumped back on last night and the experience from closed beta to open beta is night and day.

No longer does it drop frames every few minutes and for the most part it is very stable. The dropped frames are still there but it is A LOT better than what it was in the closed beta, and the addiction that got me hooked on PC is still there. Roaming through the story missions as Spider-man I was trapped in the leveling loop for 6 straight hours, just trying to get slightly better web slingers with just the right stats that I need to compliment my play style and move set. It was amazingly good fun!

So, should you try it? If you are interested in the Diablo style of game play or just like Marvel characters and want to experience the story – there is no real reason you shouldn’t jump in and try it on Tuesday, it is free after all! There is no obligation to pay any money and with a few adjustments it is possible to play the game to it’s full capability without ever spending a single penny! Your progress will carry on from Open Beta to full release as well so no need to worry about having to start over a month or two down the line neither – fill your boots!

Gazillion have done a great job, and giving the time to iron out the minor performance issues I think they could have a big hit on their hands within the console market.

Marvel Heroes Open Beta launches on Tuesday 23rd May on PS4 – coming to Xbox One on a later date.

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