Destiny 2 Info Dump

Today is the day that Bungie promised us they’d give us a ton of Destiny 2 information and they did not disappoint! 

At all!

Here’s what we learnt today;

  • Destiny 2 will be 30 FPS on console but have an unlocked frame rate on PC.
  • It’ll launch EXCLUSIVELY on which means steam is out of luck!
  • PVP is now 4vs4 across all game modes.
  • The campaign is called ‘Red War’ and will “feature more cut scenes than ever before” (so 2?!).
  • There is a strike called ‘The Inverted Spire’
  • Titan, Io & Nessus make up some of the new “planets” (even though 2 are moons).
  • Clan support is built into the game meaning there will be unique clan rewards.
  • Hunter, warlock & titan classes are back with more sub classes.
  • More exotic equipment to loot!
  • PlayStation is the marketing partner and will get content before the other platforms

We also got a gameplay trailer so look at that;


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