34…reasons why gaming is awesome! 

As we enter the last half of May it means that I am quickly approaching my 34th birthday. As a way of celebrating old age and to make up for the lack of any anniversary celebrations this year (I still can’t believe I forgot about it) I thought that we could celebrate together!

I will be putting up a series of posts that revolve around the number 34 called, you guessed it, ‘34…’! I’ll be covering a load of different topics so make sure you check back here regularly.Today marks the first post in the series and it’s one in which we celebrate gaming as a whole; let’s see 34 reasons why gaming is awesome!

1. For a short period the Kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronic device ever made, selling 133,333 units a day for the first 3 months of being on the market; 10,000,000 was sold in just two fiscal quarters! (it was beaten by the iPad; see number 30)!

2. The PlayStation brand is the best-selling electronic brand ever made selling over 344,000,000 units combined!

3. Studies suggest that gaming leads to improved memory, attention span and decision making skills.

4. It is a good way of relaxing (as long as you don’t play a FROM Software game).

5. Gaming is incredibly social – not just with online gaming but also message boards, conventions and trade shows etc.

6. There are games for everybody! The Wii proved that if games are accessible enough then everyone can enjoy it regardless of age/gender/experience level etc.

7. It is unpredictable – you never know what the next big game is going to be or where the next flop will come from.

8. Hardware innovation keeps things fresh and exciting…

9. ..Hell new hardware in general is exciting.

10. Gamers are passionate and that leads to some real emotional moments (like the Shenmue 3 reveal).

11. In a recent study most people said that they feel closer to others if they regularly play video games together.

12. E3 means that we get an extra holiday in the year – everyone has Christmas and a birthday but gamers also have E3!

13. As a whole gaming represents excellent value for money; consoles last years and games are cheaper now than they have before (generally speaking).

14. Puzzle games have been proven to help people quit smoking! In a university study it was shown that people quitting smoking were 24% less likely to want a cigarette after playing a puzzle game.

15. Gamers are extremely generous, marathons and other charity events raise millions every year for very worthy causes.

16. Games have never been better than what they are now (despite what your dad tells you)…

17. …in the future games will be even better – in other words games are worse now than they’ll ever be in the future!

18. If you step outside of the AAA sphere, games are more diverse than they ever have been before…

19. …and they can elicit every emotion you can think of…

20. …including fear! Horror games are far superior to their movie counterparts.

21. Games are becoming an art form that can exist to share important experiences or messages – ‘That Dragon. Cancer’ is one of the most moving pieces of art I’ve ever seen.

22. The medium has progressed so much in its short life that the future is so exciting – I can’t wait to see what games will be like when my children are in their teens!

23. The average age of gamers has increased since the 90s…

24. …that means that unlike other hobbies you don’t outgrow it or become unable to partake in it! (see number 5)

25. You get to visit new worlds (as cheesy as that sounds).

26. Games companies are willing to take risks – Nintendo especially, and although they don’t always pay off it’s always interesting.

27. The Wii Balance Board was used with Multiple Sclerosis suffers and they displayed improved balance.

28. In America 88% of games are rated ‘E for Everyone’…

29. …and 48% of gamers are women – so despite what playable characters may make you think, gaming is very inclusive!

30. The most important invention of all time (the mobile phone) has about 48% of people buying them to play games.

31. Games still have the power to draw people together and to create a social phenomenon

32. Gaming can improve eye sight (regardless of what your mum told you as a kid) – a study by McMaster University showed a link between Call of Duty improving cataract patient’s eyesight!

33. It gave me a voice on the internet!

34. We went from ‘Tennis for two’ to ‘Metal Gear Solid 2’ in just under 43 years! That’s equivalent of going from ‘Horse in Motion’ to ‘The Godfather’ in the same time frame (that actually took 94 years!)

What makes video games awesome to you?!

Tell me in the comments…



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