WipEout Omega Collection has PSOne style cover!

June 6th sees the release of the WipEout: Omega Collection (containing WipEout HD, Fury and 2048) and will be the first game this summer that will cash in on the feeling of PSOne era nostalgia that Sony have successfully fostered since the announcement of the Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy at E3 last year.And the way in which it will cash in is simply brilliant! Aside from being a collection of great games, featuring 26 circuits and 46 ships it will come with a fantastically realised PSOne style cover sleeve that captures everything you remember about the original WipEout! I mean look at it – it’s a stroke of genius and it will shift units like no-one’s business!

I changed my preorder just to get my hands on this cover and I imagine I’m not alone in this!How do you get your hands on this sleeve? By pre-ordering at selected retailers of course; right now (in the UK) the best price on this edition of the game (that also comes with 4 themes) is with BASE who are selling it at a low £24.99 – a good fiver less than other retailers and £10 less than PSN!

I hope that the Crash Trilogy will do something similar!


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