SWAT Spiritual Successor Ready or Not Revealed! 

A few years ago (to coincide with the release of Battlefield: Hardline in fact) Sherry and I looked at the best representations of cops in games – and while his choices were all incorrect; mine was the absolute right answer. To this day the sub-genre of police-based shooters is still ruled by SWAT 4 and while this is undisputable; it could find itself some new competition……over the weekend Void Interactive teased us with a video for their new game, ‘Ready or Not’. Their attempt at the tactical Police first person shooter genre and it sounds like it’s going to be everything that fans want, as well as just a little bit more.
‘Ready or Not’ is (to my knowledge) Void Interactive’s debut title and it is looking like a real spiritual successor to SWAT 4. In their own words it is a:

“[…]tactical first person shooter which places you in the boots of an elite SWAT team tasked with defusing hostile situations in intense, claustrophobic environments.”

I’m not sure how many people work at Void but this looks incredibly high quality as well as being highly ambitious – it is a game that should get fans of the (dead) tactical shooter genre frothing at the mouths in anticipation.

On their official site Void Interactive have outline what we can expect from ‘Ready or Not’ when it is released;

• Incremental lean and door control systems: control exactly how much or how little you want to lean around corners/open doors.

• Modular movement speed control: have precise control over how fast you move throughout the mission.

• Realistic armour physics: armour can be placed on many different body parts and is convex which means that bullets react realistic to coverage and type of amour being worn.

• Advanced projectile physics including ricochets, penetration and deterioration: bullets behave realistically with regards to range, calibre, air drag and tumble velocities

• Non-lethal alternatives: you don’t have to kill anyone; with planning and the right load out it is possible to have a non-lethal resolution to problems!

• Advanced damage system: being shot in the leg will slow you down, arm damage will lower accuracy and head damage will most likely kill you instantly.

• Visceral and realistic gore: bullet holes are realistic in size, shape and blood loss – blood will splatter on objects as and when they would in real life.

• Detailed tactical planning and analysis stage: plan every aspect of the mission, entry points are your choice as are things like killing the power, blockading exits, load outs of officers etc.

• Co-op and competitive multi-player modes with dedicated servers on Amazon Gamelift API.

• Detailed player customisation

• 30 highly detailed and unique items (with many more to come)

It sounds fantastic and it is certainly holding nothing back!

While there is no official release date yet we do know that this game has been in active development since June 2016 and I for one will be keeping a very close eye on the development of the game!


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