Backlog Blitz: April 2017 

It’s May now (Justin Timberlake was over the moon about that) and that means that my monthly update on how I’m getting on, working through my backlog.

4 months into my experiment and I have to say that April was far kinder to me than March was and I nearly doubled my completion tally! For those who aren’t regular readers here’s the links to the previous monthly updates January, February and March.Over the course of April I played a heck of a lot of games, completed 2 and made significant progress in two others (that will be beaten in May) and while I am massively behind schedule – I am swiftly approaching my total game completions in the whole of 2016. So in that regard this experiment has been a success!

Before I tell you everything there is to say about the month of April, here is a recap of the rules for my backlog blitz:

•I must complete 52 games in 2017

•The games can be ones that I have previously started or have previously completed and they can be on any platform

•Episodic games count as one game per episode

•Lengthy DLC (ie Blood and Wine) count as a game

•Every time I complete a game I give myself a score of +1

•Every time I buy a game I give myself a score of -2

•By the end of the year I must finish with a positive score or I have failed in the Backlog Blitz!

Year Score (So Far) = -5

April 2017

Games bought: Sly Cooper Trilogy, Ratchet & Clank Trilogy, Headmaster

Games completed: Sly Cooper & The Thievius Raccoonus (17/04/17), Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 (01/04/17)

Unfortunately; it’s not all good news – I did buy an excessive amount of games for someone who has a backlog of my size. In April Sony ran an amazing “Only on Playstation” sale that I spent a modest amount of money on a massive amount of games – I bought the Sly Cooper and the Ratchet & Clank trilogies as well as being reminded that I already owned the Jack & Daxter Trilogy. That means that I bought 6 games for my PlayStation VITA for under a tenner! I then bought Headmaster for my PSVR as it is a game that I’ve been eyeing up since its release and haven’t bitten because it seemed slightly over priced for what it is – less than a tenner was a bargain and I couldn’t resist.

7 games bought have cost me serious points though!

On top of this the dreaded ‘play a multiplayer only game’ syndrome has struck me down – this time it is Disc Jam consuming my hours (it is excellent)!

I did a ton of traditional gaming in April as well – the repair job I did on my VITA; it had the annoying battery level issue, has given it a new lease of life and I find that Sony’s handheld is now my ‘go to’ gaming device. I’m still slogging through Resident Evil 7 and have finished the three main campaigns (Leon, Chris & Jake) but I have yet to finish Ada’s because it’s just not much fun (who in the hell thought a stealth campaign was a good idea?)

I have also played the games I bought extensively completing Sly Cooper in a quick week and making it 2/3 of the way through Ratchet & Clank as we speak with Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy ready to go – I’ve also picked up my save file on Persona 4 Golden again which completes my current rotation.

With the new portable HDD I bought for my PS4 I have most of my backlog loaded up and ready to be completed; when you consider the ease with which I can now play them and the fact that I have a load of games begun and some nearing completion; expect an avalanche of completed games in an update soon!

Overall I feel that I have certainly played more than I have any other month so far this year and while I am desperately behind in terms of games completed – summer break is soon, maybe it’ll be July! Although I have just went and done this…

Year score (so far) = -16

Do you think I’ll successfully compete my challenge? 

What have you been playing through last month? 

Tell me in the comments/Facebook/twitter! 

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