The Joy of Local Co-Op Gaming.

…. two can play that game.


A couple of years ago I posted an article about my choices for the best choices when it came to local Co-Op gaming. Sadly, shortly after that my local co-op time fell apart as live took over and meant me and Luvva could really no longer find the time to do that with each other anymore. Sad, sure. Like everything in life though, it has come full circle and I have found a replacement! My nephew! So, what have we been playing and how have we been getting on?

We first started off playing Lego Harry Potter on the Playstation 4, which is pretty the go to gaming series for local co-op these days. TT Games have got the formula down for this pretty close to a fine art by now and if you have played any of the Lego games in local co-op you know what I mean. The only real problem was, he didn’t really like my tendency to horde every single stud I could find – he wanted to just do the missions and that was it. We haven’t totally dropped the game, but our progress has stalled severely.

Since all he wanted was some blood pumping, high octane action he suggested our next joint venture into the gaming sphere. Co-op seasons in Fifa 17. To me this seemed a great suggestion, apart from the fact we are both quite the glory hunters in Fifa and when we would play against each other, it would normally turn into a pass to the fastest player in the team and try to go on a Messi-esque run. So, could we put that to the side and actually try and play some proper virtual football?

Kind of…we picked Sunderland and he left me in charge of transfer duties. Once I identified Sunderlands position problems, I got to work. We brung in a string of highly promising youngsters and we jumped straight into our season. Game one started off quite well, we were away to Man City and put in a pretty good effort – losing out only to a last minute tap in by Sergio Aguero. What would follow would put your partnership to the test.

We would lose our next three games, including a cup game against Huddersfield at the Stadium of Light despite being in the lead initially. Our problem seemed to stem from the fact we would both take a player completely out of position and just go running to the closest person with the ball.

We did manage however in our most recent match up to rack up our first win! Away to Crystal Palace! That’s when we knew…this partnership could probably work out for the best after the initial partnership problems!

We are currently looking at other co-op experiences, stuff like Overcooked has been on my radar for a long time and now that I have a new co-op partner, it now looks like a viable purchase! Co-op gaming is back in my life!

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