PlayStation Plus Games May 2017

PS-Plus-giugnoIt’s that time of the month again, the last Wednesday – which means only one thing! Gross disappointment and online flaming of Sony’s choice of games for the next months PlayStation Plus offerings!

I’m being facetious of course, PlayStation Plus has actually been very, very good this year! And May looks to be continuing this trend (we as far as the PS4 is concerned) and although it’s not as good as the preceding months it still houses some inspired choices (especially for VITA owners)!

Here they are then – your free games on PlayStation Plus.


Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale Game’s highly rated spin-off to Gearbox’s opus is the headline game of the month. All 5 parts are included in your PS+ subscription so there really is no excuse not to play it now – MrJohnSherry loved this game and I’m excited to try after listening to him gushing about it.


A HouseMarque game; need I say more?

I do? Oh! Well it’s a procedurally generated, top-down, twin stick shooter in which you shoot alien’s faces off and pick up loot. All presented with beautiful graphics with unbelievable lighting and particle effects!

It’s another game I’ve not played but have heard nothing but rave reviews for!


Blood Knights

Is a hack’n’slash from Deck 13, that got middling to terrible reviews. Nothing to see here really – lets move on.

Port Royale: Pirates and Merchants

Is a strategy game in which you are a castaway who has to build up a colony on a remote island as well as become a famous pirate/buccaneer or whatever you want! It’s another game that received middling to bad reviews…but it has pirates in it…so…there’s that I guess.


As a little bonus – both VITA games are crossbuy with PS4 this month!

Laser Disco Defenders

Is an ultra-hard twin stick shooter that garnered some seriously good reviews!

It has a unique mechanic in that when you fire your weapon, if it doesn’t kill an enemy it will continuously ricochet around the level and become a new obstacle – it is a mechanic that dissuades “guns blazing” gameplay and encourages a far more measured approach.

It’s got a great art style and is one game I am excited to play!


Another highly rated but obscure VITA game!

In what can best be described as Trials meets Limbo with just a little Loco Roco thrown in for good measure! It’s a game in which you have to get a colon through an obstacle course made up of typefaces collecting letters that unlock some history about the typefaces. Yes it’s educational – but it’s also superb (if those review scores are anything to go by!

Which game are you most excited to try next month?

Tell me in the comments/facebook/twitter!



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