Call of Duty WWII looks really good!

After all the leaks they’ve endured over the past week; I’m surprised they even bothered with their “worldwide reveal” – however they did an incredible looking trailer that showed a game that looks…really good actually!

The live stream was an interesting affair in which the developers answered fan questions with a surprising amount of candidacy and honesty (I presume). They confirmed that you only play as a US soldier called Private Red Daniels who was part of the US 1st Infantry Division AKA the Big Red One!

Although you’ll play as only a US soldier, you will meet soldiers of other Nationalities including French, Italian and British.

Other details include that Sledgehammer wanted to veer away from the “superhero” style of other COD’s and focus on the humanity of the war. They have also steered away from a globe trotting story because they want to show the horror of war and tell a grounded story about a man serving his country and facing tyranny as part of army.

Health no longer regenerates automatically (although there was no clues about what will replace it -a medic perhaps?) so everything is pointing towards a massive change from the COD formula. Is the fast-paced highly manoeuvrable soldiers being replaced with a much more realistic ‘Brothers in Arms’ style, methodical shooter? It’s looking that way for sure!

This is very exciting – it is sounding like a true reboot of gamings biggest franchise!

Unfortunately when asked about the multiplayer they stated that they would be unveiling that at E3 and left it at that – well aside from some vague hints about new features including one called War. The developer stated that this is an asymmetrical large scale objective based mode. Which sounds interesting (and is almost certainly going to include a Day of Defeat style Beach landing).

Headquarters COD.pngThey did show something called Headquarters – which is a social hub within the multiplayer – but that wasn’t explained too well at all and I’m at a loss as to what it is exactly.

Finally they teased Nazi Zombies (remember that?!) but refused to be drawn into any details beyond stating that it’ll be an actual horror game and follow the narrative of Germany trying to win the war with a zombie army.

Sledgehammer finished the stream with a few words – they don’t want to show the German Army and Nazis as one and the same; and they don’t want to glorify the actions of anyone in the war. It truly sounds like they are treating this conflict with much more respect than DICE showed WWI last year.

Maybe Sledgehammer were being honest when they said that this is the best game they’ve ever made!

They’ve certainly got me interested in a Call of Duty!

Are you excited about Call of Duty WWII?

What are you most excited about?

Tell me in the comments/facebook/twitter!


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