Free REVII DLC ‘Not A Hero’ delayed

This morning Capcom announced via the Resident Evil Ambassador program that the free dlc for Resident Evil VII called ‘Not a hero’ has been indefinitely delayed.

In the email the team stated that;

Dear Resident Evil Ambassadors,

First of all, as always, thank you for your support of the Resident Evil series.
We have some important news for you today: we have decided to delay the release of the free Not a Hero DLC which was previously announced as coming in Spring 2017. The reason for this delay is that the content was simply not at the level of quality we know our fans expect and deserve.
In order to make sure we can deliver a great experience, we are going to take some more time to improve and polish this content.

As the Resident Evil 7 team wanted to let our fans know personally about this news, they have recorded a short video message which you can view below.

The email also contained a YouTube video which can be viewed right here;

While this is incredibly disappointing; it is also a very good sign. Here we have a developer with a massive franchise taking extra time to make sure that the content is of a high quality rather than rushing it out and patching it up.

I hope other developers are taking note and will display the same level of due diligence.


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