My Picks From the PSN Easter Sale

PSN is having yet another sale, and again it is absolutely brilliant which will be brutal on wallets all over the world! 

However with over 700 offers spread over the three (four if you count PSVR) platforms; how in the hell are you supposed to find the good stuff?

It’s a good thing I pre-empted this question, because I have chosen a number of games that I think are worth your time or the money investment!

There is less than a week left to avail of these amazing offers; so get that credit card ready and prepare to weep as you purchase more games than you could ever possibly play! 

You’re welcome!


Towerfall Ascension (Crossbuy with VITA) – £3.99

Crypt of the Necrodancer (Crossbuy with VITA) – £3.99

Zombi – £3.99

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – £3.99

Murdered Soul Suspect- £3.99

Metro Series Redux – £7.99

The Crew: Calling all units – £7.99

Mirrors Edge Catalyst – £7.99

Which would I buy? My pick here is Crypt of the Necrodancer! It is a brilliantly simple, addictive and challenging game that is easy to pick up but difficult to put down. 

It demands perfection and as you play it you’ll see improvements in you play. It’s a brilliant game with an amazing soundtrack that’s simply unmissable at £3.99! 


Headmaster – £9.49

How we soar – £9.99

Thumper – £9.99

REZ Infinite – £15.99

Dirt Rally (inc. VR upgrade) – £19.99

Which would I buy? REZ just pips Dirt to the post! REZ is simply one of the finest games ever made and it utilises VR in a beautifully simple way. 

It may be 20 years old now but it feels fresher than 90% of the other games you’ll play this year. A must own at £15.99 (it’s a must own at any price)! 


Assassins Creed Black Flag – £5.79

Assassins Creed Naval Edition (black flag & rogue) -£9.99

Rayman Origins & Legends – £7.99

Prince of Persia HD Trilogy (Sands of time/two thrones/warrior within) – £6.49

Splinter Cell HD Trilogy (Splinter Cell/Pandora Tomorrow/Chaos Theory) – £6.49

Enslaved Odyssey to the West – £3.99

The Darkness 2 – £2.49

Which would I buy? This one is tough but for me Enslaved at £3.99 is far too good to miss! Sure it’s not perfect but it tells a compelling story  with unbelievably good voice acting and has pretty unique game play! 


Persona 4 Golden – £3.99

Rayman Legends – £5.79

Rayman Origins – £4.99

Drinkbox Collection – £6.49

Which would I buy? The Drinkbox collection is worth the price for Guacamelee alone! Throw in When Blobs Attack and Severed and it is one hell of a bargain! 

 What games have you bought/will you buy in the PSN sale? 

Tell me in the comments/Facebook/twitter! 








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