Twitch to add tiers to subscriptions

Yesterday, it would seem that Twitch Partners got sent an email that outlined changes that are being made for their subscriptions.

Being the Internet, someone has leaked an image of the full email on Reddit. 

Basically Twitch are adding a number of options and improvements to make subscribing more attractive to both streamer and viewer!

These changes include;

  • Tiered subscriptions – $5, $10 & $25.
  • Tiered subscription emotes rewarding high paying subscribers with high tier emotes.
  • More emote unlock tiers – increases from 14 to 50! Once you have unlocked a tier (based on sub count) it is permanently unlocked.
  • More API tools that streamers are able to show on their overlays.
  • Ability to send custom messages thanking new and returning subs.

There is lots of information here and it is all very exciting!

The tiered subscription options in particular will hopefully do away with the need for a patreon! And it will make channels that are middling in size but with a passionate community easier to sustain their career! I can see those channels (with a few hundred viewers) benefitting the most from the tiered subscriptions.

It’s a step in the right direction for Twitch and their smaller partners!


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