Arena-Brawlers Making A Comeback?

….fast, frantic – don’t forget your brain!


Next Friday (21st April) marks the release date of Ready At Dawns new game – Deformers. An arena brawler in which you control a form in a small map environment where the goal is to throw your opponents of the ledges or beat them to smitherins. These types of games have been few and far in between in recent years after years of domination in games such as Twisted Metal, Quake and Unreal Tournament. However, Deformers isn’t the only one going for this target market.

Last week David Jaffe (creator of Twisted Metal) released his newest creation “Drawn To Death” a hero shooter arena-brawler. Fast and frantic the game rewards smart play and making the use of the power ups which litter the arena floor. From ammo and health to a range of guns each player selects it turns into an absolute high octane every man for themselves death match.

Quake Champions is also in closed beta at the moment and while little is known about the game plays (Damn you NDA!) most impressions (while minimal!) seem very positive. Considering it is using the Quake name I think it is easy to presume it well be like Drawn to Death, a hero shooter arena-brawler.

I am not quite sure why developers have ignored this genre for as long as they have, they were a staple during the start of the internet era. Games which you could play in small bursts to get your fill or you could dedicate all your gaming time to them and have the edge on casuals once you knew weapon placement and high level strategies. Easy to play, hard to master.

These days we are sadly left with games like COD and Battlefield which while they have a massive audience – they are largely leave your brain at the door experiences and don’t promote a great amount of tactical play outside of the competitive side of it all.

I am glad we know have some studios who are willing to take on this genre again, and take it from indy local split screen gameplay back to the internet era where we can play with friends across the globe – and knock them into oblivion like we used to!

If you are interested in giving Deformers a try before you buy and have access to a half decent PC – it will be having one last open Steam beta this weekend! It will run from April 15th 7pm PDT (April 16th 3am BST) to April 16th 7PDT (April 17th 3am BST).


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