Parappa The Rapper Remaster Review

… Kick, Punch, It’s all in the review.


Back in December 1996, NanaOn-Sha released the first influential rhythm game and created the ultimate Rap God. Parappa The Rapper. Almost 21 years on, Sony have listened to the players and brought this all time classic to the PS4 – but how does it hold up? Does it get a karate chop or did it leave me believing?

First off, let’s talk about the graphic over haul. When I first booted the game up I must admit I was very confused. The cut scenes have not been touched – they are still in their original state which on a modern TV looks very grainy but it serves it’s purpose. I am not sure if it was just too much work to up scale it’s graphics or it would require a complete remake of them parts and they didn’t have the time or money to do so – or it was completely left untouched for nostalgia purposes. Either way, it stands out like a sore thumb.

Once you get into a song it looks so clean. They have done a great job bringing the game up to HD levels. The colours are very vibrant and the character models look top notch. They have really done everything you could possibly ask of them in that department but like I said before the cut scenes really spoils it presentation wise.

Going into the game play, largely it plays exactly like it did on the PSOne, for better or for worse. If you have ever played a rhythm game in the past decade you should feel at home here even if you are not a Parappa veteran. You listen to your rap master and copy the inputs as it scrolls along the time bar on the top of the screen. However, that’s all well and good until you hit “Cheap Cheap” The Chicken. Let me tell you, that’s not just a clever name.

Cheap Cheap by name, Cheap Cheap by nature. The input on her song is still MASSIVELY broken. The inputs DO NOT match the beat on the song and it will completely throw you when you get to it. I remember it taking me an absolute age to get past this on the original game and here it was just as frustrating even if it didn’t take me as long. I highly recommend going into the options menu on the main menu and turning on controller vibration in order to try and match the beat. It makes it so much easier and it will really make you notice how slight off beat the inputs really are in the song. It is really unfortunate that they didn’t fix the problems with it to be honest!

The rest of the stages are largely very simple and easy to progress past on at least “Good”. The last stage will throw you into continuing button inputs with no prompt warning but if you fail it once you should be able to make it on the second time – it’s pretty straight forward once you expect it.

Be careful if you can’t play the game in one sitting. Once you go through the main title entrance DON’T keep pressing X. I made this mistake once, and it will default to “start” and restart the game over-writing your saved progress meaning you will have to start all over again. Not a massive deal as each song only lasts between 2-3 minutes and there is only 6 of them. But if you get stuck on one and want to come back to it after some time away, having to replay them all to get to them by a stupid mistake will just make you a bit angry! Bit of bad user interface design in my opinion.

Once you get past all 6 stages you will want to go through them again and try to get a “Cool” rating on them and freestyle your way to glory. You can do it, you just got to believe! This game is highly addictive and it is probably the fastest I have ever platinumed a game so soon after it’s release. I still can’t uninstall it, after all this time Parappa is probably still the best rhythm game I have ever played.



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