Deformers Beta Information

…can you fly bobby?


No, no no, this is not an April fools! Ready At Dawns new game is getting an open Steam beta this weekend! This isn’t what you are probably expecting from Ready at Dawn after the dark and gritty game that was “The Order 1886.” They have replaced the rough looking men and werewolves for…. fluffy fat animals?

Yes you read that right! Deformers is a physics based multiplayer arena brawler, where you aim to eat the drops around the maps and knock your enemies into oblivion! Your character can be heavily customised so you can be a cute fat wee cow rolling around, or look like an alien – the choice is yours!

In the full game there will be a variety of different game modes (including split-screen co-op and online multiplayer) but as of yet Ready at Dawn haven’t disclosed what will be included in the beta this weekend! It will include controller support – confirmed to me on twitter so you won’t have to wrangle your way around the mouse and keyboard if you don’t wish too!

The beta will run from Saturday 1st April at 11am PST (8pm BST) until Monday 3rd April 12am PST (9am BST). During which they will have a “Server Smash” where the aim is to get as many players online at once to literally try and break their servers. We all love breaking stuff right? That will be held on Sunday 2nd April at 12pm to 1pm PST (8-9 BST).


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