Backlog Blitz: March


For those who aren’t regular readers; this year I’m tackling my humongous backlog of games. With the simple of target of completing (at least) 52; currently I am sitting at a grand total of 3 games completed, just slightly more than one a month.

Surely March would be a better month for me and my backlog blitz?Well no, not at all. I actually spent way more time playing games this month but unfortunately work started piling up (the joy of Easter Assessments) and for the last two weeks I’ve not switched on a single game. The irony is; I actually have about 3 I’ve very nearly finished but I’ve ran out of time to do anything. On the positive side of things, April should allow me to pick up a few completion points.

Here is a recap of the rules for my backlog blitz:

  • I must complete 52 games in 2017
  • The games can be ones that I have previously started or have previously completed and they can be on any platform
  • Episodic games count as one game per episode
  • Lengthy DLC (ie Blood and Wine) count as a game
  • Every time I complete a game I give myself a score of +1
  • Every time I buy a game I give myself a score of -2
  • By the end of the year I must finish with a positive score or I have failed in the Backlog Blitz!

Year Score (So Far) = -5

March 2017

Games completed: None

Games bought: None

March was a difficult month for me; the sheer number of great games that saw release means that 2017 was swiftly becoming one of the all-time great years! ‘Zelda Breath of the Wild’, ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’, and ‘Nier: Automata’ are all currently enjoying Metacritic scores well north of 80%.

There were lower tier games as well ‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’, ‘Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Remix’, ‘MLB The Show 17’ and ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ – March was heaving at the seams with very good to excellent titles. I knew to have any chance of completing this challenge that I had to stay strong and only buy a game when I have finished another.

Thankfully I was able to stay strong and I purchased absolutely nothing. The temptation was there though; I had my moments of weakness but I never caved.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually complete any games either!

As I said in the preamble; I actually played a lot of games near the beginning of the month and got extremely far in several of them (Resident Evil 6, Super Metroid & Severed) but time ran out as work piled up. I will get these games polished off in April though – however Metroid will be the biggest challenge as Li’l Luvva deleted my save file, which means I’m right back at the beginning – DISASTER!

April brings with it the Easter break; which is 10 days long this year. That gives me plenty of time to tackle some games that I have started! My target for April is have completed four games. It’s certainly doable, it’ll merely require dedication and making time.

I didn’t better my situation in March, but at least I didn’t make it worse. A moral victory that I’ll take!

Overall score: -5

Are you participating in a backlog blitz of your own?

Tell me in the comments about your experiences with it, both negative and positive

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