PlayStation Plus Games April 2017

It’s the lasts Wednesday of the month! Today is the day we find out what Sony has in store for us PSPlus subscribers!

Well guys it’s another interesting month with a few good games to sink our teeth into. The VITA games are both cross buy, so be sure to snap them up! Here’s what your £5.99 is getting you come Tuesday!

PlayStation 4 

Drawn to Death

Is the one we knew about because a few weeks ago David Jaffe told us that it was launching for free.

The game is a third-person shooter/brawler with a beautiful hand drawn aesthetic. It looks amazing.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime 

Is a co-op shooter that is really good fun and will be a big hit for those of you who love challenging but fun games!


Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom

Has been described as “solidly competent” and “simple and fun”.

It’s a 3D adventure platformer and it looks as good as those reviews sound. Disappointing choice to be honest.

Alien Rage

Is another disappointing choice – it’s a crappy first person shooter with absolutely no USP or personality. PS3 getting no love from Sony.


10 Second Ninja X

Is a hardcore side scrolling platformer in which you have to destroy a number of robots in 10 seconds.

It review really well and will be perfect on the VITA! Very much looking forward to it.


Is another co-op game; this time it’s a 2D arena based wave brawler!

Again it reviewed well and should make a solid addition to you instant games collection. 

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