Lego City Undercover Switch Requires a 13GB download to play

If you are thinking of buying LEGO City Undercover on your new Nintendo Switch then I have some alarming news for you! A Reddit posted a picture of his/her cover after noticing that it stated “internet required”. They investigated this further because it’s unlikely that it needs one to play and found that the cartridge only contains 7GB of the game…

…that’s right the cartridge contains about 1/3 of the actual game (the WiiU version was around 19GB), and the customer is expected to download the rest.

This has been met with understandable anger from consumers for a number of reasons;

  1. This is a physical release and (locked content aside) this is an unprecedented move by a publisher.
  2. The Switch only has 32GB of internal memory (25GB usable by consumer).
  3. Worry that other publishers will do the same.

For those who don’t know the Switch “cartridges” are basically SD cards which come in a variety of sizes to accommodate games of different scopes. Basically Warner Bros have opted out of using bigger (and presumably) more expensive cards and have passed the bill of finding memory onto their customers.

Time will tell if Warner Brothers will respond to the criticism. Until the you may want to invest in a big SD card!

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