The Hunt For Platinums

…are they worth it?


If you check your email that you use for your PlayStation Network this week you will most likely find a breakdown of your Play Highlights! This ranges from your online game time to your amount of games you own. Of course it includes your trophy breakdown and what is the rarest trophy you have! This got me thinking, how many of us stick with one game in order to achieve the platinum?

I have a friend, who platinum’s nearly every game he plays – it doesn’t even take him that long neither! He did Horizon in about 4 days and Ghost Recon Wildlands in about a week. He loves doing it! I will occasionally try and do it with him, most recently setting my sites on the platinum for Resident Evil 7!

I have got a good bit through RE7 trophy list, and am currently about half way through my speed run and making really good time. However, I did look at the list and it is a bit disheartening. Mostly because of the collectible items.

Difficulty ones I can do but these collectible trophies are just horrible – especially when on Madhouse they are randomly generated! Not only will the difficulty be through the roof but I will have to explore more than what I already have on normal difficulty just to find these coins!

If I am being completely honest it puts me right off, but I will do it because the game is very good and in my opinion it deserves my patience. Same with Horizon, although from what I have been told – Horizon trophy list is very natural and only has 2-3 that you won’t obtain organically throughout your normal play through!

So my question to you dear readers is – do you pour an obscene amount of time just getting trophies? What is the rarest trophy you have? Or do you just give up the ghost and move on to the next game?


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