Splatoon 2 Testfire Beta Live!

…still can’t believe they didn’t call it Spla2n 😦


If you have recently purchased a Nintendo Switch and blasted your way through Zelda, you may be completley lost and what to play next and it may even be gathering dust already. Fear not! For the Splatoon 2 beta is live throughout this weekend!

Of course it isn’t a 72 hour thing, because that would make too much sense so here are the times in which they will be live!

Friday 24th March – 19.00 – 19.59 GMT

Saturday 25th March – 03.00 – 03.59 GMT 11.00 – 11.59 GMT 19.00 – 19.59 GMT

Sunday 26th March – 04.00 – 04.59 GMT

The beta test will include 2 maps;



If you missed the boat on Splatoon on Wii U and now on the Nintendo Switch, you don’t want to miss out, great game!

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