Destiny 2 Release Date Leaked by Promotional Poster

It seems that a website has played the role of whistleblower once again! This time they’ve blown a whole host of news about Destiny 2 in one fell swoop! 

The Italian website, Lega Network,  uploaded a picture of a promotional poster for Destiny 2 that gives us quite a lot of information about the game!

  • It releases on September 8th
  • There will be a BETA for the title.
  • It still has some sort of playstation exclusivity deal.

Although we knew that it would release this year; this poster has pretty much confirmed the date.

The poster has been confirmed as legit by Eurogamer and Kotaku – with the latter going as far as saying that the official announcement is very close indeed (originally saying it was today).

We already got a press release explaining the changes we will see with the sequel a few weeks ago. And i fully expect Bungie to respond quickly to this leak with an official announcement confirming these details and beginning the hype train for Destiny 2!

All aboard!


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