Nintendo have solved the Joycon desync issue

The good news is that Nintendo have successfully solved the desyncing joycon issue!

The bad news is – it requires you sending them the defective units! 

As has been widely reported the left joycon controller had issues staying in sync when it was held in certain positions or at a distance from the Switch unit. This led many YouTubers to conclude that the aerial was simply too short for the job.

Nintendo have said that while the flaw isn’t a design flaw but merely a “manufacturing variation” and it affects only a small percentage of joycons.

They went on to say that; although there is no widespread repair scheme in place, anyone who feels that they have a faulty unit can send them in to be fixed, for free, with a turnaround time of about a week.

Here’s their statement in full for those who are affected;

There is no design issue with the Joy-Con controllers, and no widespread proactive repair or replacement effort is underway. A manufacturing variation has resulted in wireless interference with a small number of the left Joy-Con. Moving forward this will not be an issue, as the manufacturing variation has been addressed and corrected at the factory level.

We have determined a simple fix can be made to any affected Joy-Con to improve connectivity.

There are other reasons consumers may be experiencing wireless interference. We are asking consumers to contact our customer support team so we can help them determine if a repair is necessary. If it is, consumers can send their controller directly to Nintendo for the adjustment, free of charge, with an anticipated quick return of less than a week. Repair timing may vary by region. For help with any hardware or software questions, please visit

The fix is an unusual one as well, they add a small cube of conductive foam that strengthens the signal from the aerial and eradicating the issue.

This of course means that all Switch units going forward would theoretically have the fixed preinstalled. Great news for people who have been waiting to pick up a Switch!


3 thoughts on “Nintendo have solved the Joycon desync issue

  1. It’s great that the issue is being fixed. I haven’t had a desyncing problem with the left Joy-Con myself, but I would imagine that both the issue and the solution would stink as an early adopter. I guess I’ll have to hold off an a second pair of controllers until I’m sure they’re the new units.

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