JonTron shares racist views during a live stream 

Update 19/03/17: JonTron has released a video response to the controversy.

Titled; ‘My Statement’, the whole video is very underwhelming as an explanation to the outrageous “facts” he presented during his debate with Omnidestiny. I’d say that it’s a “sorry, not sorry” video that exists only for damage control.

He makes no attempt to apologise for his ascertains. His defence leans very heavily on the (now trope-ish) defense of context and ideas being misinterpretated. And even tries to turn it into a snide attack on the “mainstream media” purposefully misconstruing his words.

In his defence he does show that he has learnt something from the ordeal by acknowledging that the Irish were treated as 1nd class citizens in the US.

Original story: YouTuber JonTron is no stranger to controversy; recently he was, rightly, challenged for some outrageously right wing comments on twitter.

Today though he went one further and participated in a twitch debate (don’t get me started on this) with OmniDestiny. During which he gave some extremely xenophobic and racist views!

I’ve compiled a short list the highlight some of his racist opinions that he believes below;

  • Black people are genetically more inclined to commit crime; regardless of wealth.
  • “Foreigners dilute the gene pool”.
  • Immigrants destroy every country they are welcomed into.
  • Expert statistical material is invalid because the polls were wrong about Hilary Clinton during the election.
  • There is no such thing as racism because all of the above are facts.

There is an irony here; JonTron is the son of an Iranian immigrant. This was presented to him on Twitter and he responded by saying;

JonTron is currently signed up to Maker studios and it will be interesting to see how they respond to this mess.

The situation here is 10x worse than the Pewdiepie situation because JonTron is not backing down. He genuinely believes he is correct and is fighting the good fight! When he is; in fact, a massive racist who deserves all the consequences that saying this type of thing brings.

2 thoughts on “JonTron shares racist views during a live stream 

    • Undoubtedly! His mind is completely warped if he truly believes this crap. And it seems he clearly does as this is not an isolated incident – it gives me the impression he believes he’s fighting the good fight!

      Sad times – utterly disgusting!

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