Got To Go Fast!

…but is Sonic headed for another ice berg?

sonic mania

This past few months has been pretty great to be a Sonic fan right? SEGA seems to have got their priorities in check and giving the fans what they want with the upcoming Sonic Mania – even though it has just been pushed back from Spring to Summer, at least it is coming and it looks great! However, there is another.

Sonic Forces, previously only known as Sonic 2017 was officially unveiled yesterday and I caught myself thinking that maybe SEGA haven’t learned anything at all. Don’t get me wrong, graphically it looks great but game play wise this isn’t sonic. It looks like a generic runner with a blue hedgehog slapped on it.

Look at the classics we are getting with Sonic Mania, they aren’t the most open games but there are multiple ways to tackle a level giving you something to strive for when trying to complete a level the fastest out of your friends. You have to find that line and stick to it, sometimes mixing multiple tiers of the level to maximise the speed boosts for Sonic.

Sonic Forces however looks like you don’t have much control at all, you run in straight lines jumping over obstacles and collecting gold rings. How is this fun SEGA? Where have you read “You know what I would love, a sonic game when I go brain dead just moving the analogue stick left and right and press X a couple of times a level.”

It just doesnt look fun at all! It’s super dissapointing after the stellar work that has been going into Sonic Mania. Can we just get a new game SEGA, with shiny new graphics, side-on 2D with some open levels? That’s what we really want! Or go full Mario with these linear runny-jumpy bits. JUST DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Learn from your mistakes!

As much as it would not affect me at all, I would be kind of sad if Crash Bandicoot became a bigger gaming icon than Sonic. That’s a real possibility because Sony and Activision seem to want to please Crash fans where as SEGA want to tell Sonic fans what they want.

Really disappointing.


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