St Patrick’s Day 2017: Shoutout to great Irish game characters

Paddys Day

It’s St Patrick’s day! And that means that all over the world there are people claiming Irish citizenship!

Well we here at Luvva towers are actually Irish so we thought it would be apt to celebrate Paddy’s Day with a short post about some actual Irish game characters! There’s not a lot of them, truth be told, but the ones that do represent us are pretty darn awesome! Here’s just a select few of our favourites.

On top of that every entry will have a little irish so you too can amaze your friends with how Irish you have become after a few Guiness’ round the pub.

To all our readers, Lá fhéile Pádraig sona duit (happy St Patrick’s day)! 

Irish (Red Dead Redemption)

Although ‘Irish’ is nothing more than a stereotype, on St Paddy’s day we’re all Irish stereotypes! We’re all having at least one drink and many of us will be absolutely steaming come dinner time!

Irish is a bloody good character too; he spends all his on camera time hammered and is used specifically for comic relief. He constantly tells Marston stories but he regularly forgets most of the details but he makes up for that with his extreme use of hyperbole!

*spoiler alert*

The high functioning alcoholic meets a tragic fate although it’s not shown in the game. There is a  newspaper story that tells us that an unknown Irish man was found dead after an accidental discharge of his gun.

Poor Irish, RIP mo chara!

Atlas (Bioshock)

Ok, ok I know that Atlas is actually Fontaine; but just because he was an altar ego of a crazed maniac doesn’t mean he isn’t Irish! Atlas might just be the most Irish of all in fact! Let’s check the facts;

  1. Irish accent (although it’s a stereotypical Dublin brogue).
  2. He fights against an outside influence controlling power in the place he calls home.

Like all fine Irish revolutionaries Atlas is all about the people of home; and he’s going full militia against an unjust ruler.

The fact that he had taken up arms and fought a just war on the leadership of Rapture makes him qualified to not only be a politician in Ireland; but to be first minister of the place! He’d be right at home with the likes of Padraig Pearse, James Connelly and Tom Clarke!

Atlas is a brilliant character, he is ever-present to the player and helps you out of some tough situations with insightful advice and good old-fashioned Irish levity. He is also the catalyst behind Bioshock’s plot and its eventual (greatest of all time) twist about 2/3 of the way through the story. It’s a shame that his boss fight is utter shite!

While Fontaine is certainly not Irish, Atlas 100% is!

Tiofaidh ar la Atlas!

Frank Bilders (Far Cry 2) 

And here we are; the only Northern Irish character here and he is a very complicated character indeed. I’m sure him and Atlas would love to pick each others brains.

Frank Bilders is a pure Irish republican; born in Fermanagh, a member of the Provisional IRA, kneecapped in the maze prison (while serving a life sentence for terrorist activities) and a passionate GAA fan. His whole bio screams Irish! Just not the rational and sane one!

There’s not much to say about Frank; the dudes an absolute maniac! A money laundering, kneecapping, murdering, gaelic playing maniac. You know a fella is unhinged when he moves to war torn Africa because it’s safer than going back home.

I may not agree with his methods – but by god he’d have a story to tell over a pint in the pub!

Seo libh canadh Amhrn na bhFiann for my boy Frank Bilders!

Who’s your favourite Irish gaming character? 

Why not tell me in the comments/Facebook/twitter


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