Drawn to Death will launch on PSPlus

David Jaffe; creator of Twisted Metal and God of War, has today announced that his new title Drawn to Death, will release on April 4th as part of PSPlus.

On top of this he also announced 5 previously unknown gameplay mechanics;

  1. Sphinx riddle missions – solving the riddles will earn the player new weapons.
  2. Characters will have 15 missions which will earn the players costumes and taunts.
  3. Mystery boxes can be earned by playing 3 online matches and every 150 kills. They contain costumes and taunts.
  4. The tower – playing ranked mode and winning gets you higher up the tower earning stickers.
  5. One last mystery – all Jaffe would say is “Destroy my enemies and my life…is yours!”

Dawn to Death is an intense online third-person shooter/scrolling brawler that takes place entirely in the pages of a schoolboys notebook. It sports a fantastic and original art style and promises to deliver an intense and fun experience to all PS4 gamers!

There is a special live stream starting at 10pm GMT which will show off the new modes and provide one last look at the game before it launches. You can watch it here;



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