Farpoint and Aim controller get release date

Today Sony announced that eagerly awaited PSVR title Farpoint and the Aim controller will launch simultaneously on May 17th.

Farpoint is a Sci-Fi first person shooter that takes place on an alien world and puts the player against insect-like enemies. Starship Troopers style!

As for the aim controller; Sony explain that better than I could on the official blog;

The controller’s built-in motion sensors and sphere work with the PS Camera to track your movements, offering pin-point accuracy as you take on the planet’s hostile inhabitants. On top of this, built-in rumble features, will deliver immersive real-time feedback every time you squeeze the trigger.

It should be noted that the aim controller will be compatible with other games. You don’t even need the aim controller because the game is fully playable with a dual shock 4.

As for the game and controller; they were well received during preview events and it should give PSVR owners something substantial to sink their teeth into. Especially now that Sony have revealed the game has a co-op mode!

The team at Impulse Gear is also excited to announce that Farpoint will feature online co-op play at launch. This extra mode will allow you and a friend to buddy up and enter previously completed levels to tackle enemy hoards side-by-side, racking up points for kills and accuracy as you go.

The game is priced at £49.99 for the standalone game and £74.99 for the game and aim controller bundle.

Finally, if you preorder the game you will receive a special in-game skin!


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