I Love Gaming Culture!

…we are a happy-go-lucky bunch really!


As much as we all get up in each others throats about how much my Xbox could beat up your Playstation, there are these unique little moments in time where everyone just appreciates the goodness in games and what they have accomplished within their genres.

This week started off very strongly with the release of Guerilla Games new IP ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ for PS4. It got amazing reviews and very strong feedback as a must have in both what Guerilla had accomplished in terms of game play scope, and the graphic fidelity. I am still waiting for my copy to arrive but I am very very excited.

Yesterday marked the release of the Nintendo Switch and of course ‘Zelda : Breath of The Wild’ with it! If we thought Horizon did well in the reviews Zelda absolutely mopped up – gathering an amazing amount of “perfect” scores and wowing everyone who had tried it. Now it is not for me and I am sure many others who just don’t like Zelda games but you wouldn’t guess that. Everyone is seemingly happy that Nintendo and Zelda fans have a very good reason to pick up the Switch (or another reason to turn on your Wii U!)

Moments like these without finding troll posts in their various threads are very uncommon. Usually there will be atleast someone who will say something similar to “yes, good for Guerilla/Nintendo, I just love shutting off gamers by their preference of console!” Nothing like that, everyone is just appreciating the greatness that games can accomplish and revelling in that feel good factor that 2017 has got off to a phenomenal start – with more big hitters set to release in the very very near future!

As if I couldn’t have felt more love for this community this week, I stumbled across this article last night Sick Destiny Player Reaches Lighthouse Before Dying, Thanks To His Friends. The sadness I felt reading this – not because the man died, but the fact that several people went out of their way to do something to help him accomplish his dream before it was too late. None of which would have been possible without the power of the internet and loving people coming together for a good cause.

Who’s cutting onions?!

Times like these make me proud to be a gamer.

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