Playstation Plus Games March 2017

It’s Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the month (god damn that’s complicated) so that means Sony have announced the PlayStation Plus games for this month!

And its a bloody interesting month that also has some excellent titles on offer, no doubt about that! There is a day one release title, a great platformer and more than a few interesting games that blend very uncomplimentary genres. Looks like it’ll be a fun month for all three platforms!

Here’s what you can download for free come March 7th.


Tearaway Unfolded

This, once VITA exclusive, platformer from Media Molecule is utterly unique and charming as hell!

It’s a cute platformer that makes great use of the dual shock 4 and rewards player creativity.

Tearaway reviewed very well indeed and is undoubtedly the highlight of the month for PS4 owners! Oh plus it renders in native 1080 and runs at 60fps, for all you technophiles!

Disc Jam

Is a 2 vs 2 competitive multiplayer game that mixes the thrills of air hockey and tennis with special abilities and arena hazards and blends it all into a futuristic sport!

It looks interesting and it should be fun! This is a day one release so; expect reviews soon!


Under Night In-birth.exe

From Arc System Works, the makers of Guilty Gear and Blazblue comes an interesting game that combines the technical precision of a 2D fighter  with the storytelling of a visual novel!

It released in 2015 to very favourable reviews and it has an absolutely stunning art style plus it has the pedigree behind it, certainly one to try out!

Earth Defense force 2025

The classic low-budget, high concept, bug shooting game finally comes to Playstation Plus…

…this is one of the least favoured of the series but it still has the most over the top action and presentation seen in a budget release! It’s great fun (if a little janky) and it is well worth checking out – so please do.



Is the latest release from Drinkbox Studios, makers of Guacamelee and it is meant to be outstandingly good!

It’s a dungeon crawler that makes use of the VITA’s underused touch screen and an art style that is just stunning. This is said to be a jewel in the VITAs crown and a must own for all owners of the system; currently it’s sitting at  82% on metacritic – if you have the means to play this game, you no longer have an excuse not to!

Lumo (crossbuy with PS4)

Lumo is an isometric platformer (remember those?) that is also a logic puzzle game. It’s as simple as that I guess – it looks like the Amstrad Batman game (that was brilliant) and so it is attempting to capture the same, simplistic style of gameplay. It reviewed well (73 on MC) so i’ll be trying it at least!

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