For Honor Initial Impressions

…For Honor, but mostly For Myself.


I had to wait a few days before I got my hands on my much anticipated title so far this year “For Honor” – damn you real life commitments! However, that is all in the past now and I have spent the best part of this week with a lot of my time committed to it. So, how does it match my expectations?So far, pretty damn great! Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot that I think needs to be balanced but we will get to that in due course. Graphically the game still looks pretty damn amazing on the vanilla PS4 and the game-play is so good.

I have had a few moments when I felt like an absolute bad ass. On one of my first 2v2 duels I was fighting a guy who was level 7 with his particular character (not that high!) but he had more experience that what I did then with my Warlord. So they were up 1-0 when the guy my partner was fighting slayed him and they tried to gank me! Needless to say, this made me and my partner mad. Not only did we bring it back to 2-1, we went on to win the game 3-2! I can’t even begin to explain how that feels, it was so damn good. Fight with no honor and it will come back and bite you in the ass. Karma!

These moments, and moments when you are getting beat in a 1v1 duel and it just clicks how your opponent uses their character and you manage to devise a strategy that grabs you victory from the jaws of defeat is one of those things that games just don’t tend to do these days – but For Honor has it by the bucket load. It actually kind of reminds me of Ultima Online in that sense. Knowing your opponent and getting in their head dictates a lot of how the fight will pan out.

So, what about the things which aren’t so good? The number one problem I have is edge abuse. Sure, it’s funny to knock someone off the edge of a map to their death and I even understand there is at trophy for it which could be inspiring people to do it over and over again – but I really really wish we could have an option for the 1v1 duel maps to not have these edges and have players rely on their own skill than cheap tactics.

Several characters need some balancing. I really like playing with the Valkyrie and her move set resonates with me better than the Warlord – but she hits like a wet fish. Tickling opponents isn’t going to benefit me or my team so at the moment I am kind of stuck with the Warlord until she gets a bit of a buff (which is coming apparently!) Using the Warlord as my main though I have noticed I can stun lock people with the headbutt and absolutely rinse people. I try not to do this because it has absolutely no skill linked to it and while I could cheese wins and buff my win / lose ratio – I absolutely have no desire to do that as my win/loss ratio means absolutely nothing to me as long as I am having fun and learning.

All in all though, For Honor has been everything I wanted it to be so far – I am just hoping that when the balancing begins Ubisoft don’t break characters one by one and we will reach a day when every character becomes viable in most situations. If For Honor gets the same treatment Rainbow Six Siege got, they will have something very special here. If you are a big fighting game fan – For Honor is definitely worth your £40.


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