Games With Gold March 2017 

With February coming to end (I know already!?) Microsoft has announced the titles that will be made available for free in March!

And it’s…umm…ok?! I guess…

March 1-15th on Xbox One is Layers of Fear (is available for the full month) which is a good psychological horror that follows a painter as he travels through a mansion in an attempt to finish his masterpiece. This released only last week on the Xbox One!

On Xbox 360 it’s the smash hit of Borderlands 2 – which by this stage needs no introduction.

March 16-31st the Xbox One gets Evolve Ultimate Edition which is, arguably, the highest profile flop of the generation (but is actually quite good).

The 360 gets Heavy Weapon which is a title from 2005…but it’s from Popcap so I’ll let you decide!


2 thoughts on “Games With Gold March 2017 

  1. Bit disappointing for me this month. I already have Layers of Fear (it’s fantastic!) and Borderlands 2, and Evolve doesn’t interest me in the least. Ah well, I’ll count March as a month to catch up on my other games!


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