Pokemon GO Johto update is now live! 

pokemon goThe biggest update to Pokemon GO since it’s release is now live!

The update adds new items, mechanics and most exciting of all – new creatures! 

There are 80 new Pokemon added to the pokedex and all of them are from the Johto region! The creatures include the starters Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Totodile as well as fan favourites such as Umbreon and Espeon.

Not all the new monsters can be captured though – there are a few that’ll need to be evolved from other forms. Pokemon can be given evolution items to strengthen them; Onyx for example can be given the metal coat and evolved in Steelix or Scyther in Scizor.

From today you’ll also be able to pick up two new berries from Pokestops. The Nanab berry slows Pokemon movement down (presumably making them easier to catch) and the Pinap berry which doubles the candies received when capturing Pokemon.

All these features are now implemented in the game so what are you waiting for?

Update that app and catch ’em all!


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