Horizon Zero Dawn Impressions Start To Surface


As if the hype wasn’t already incredibly high; things are gonna get even more HYPE! Because early-access impressions of Sony’s hot new exclusive IP have begun popping up over the internet like YouTube (warning: annoying YouTube voice alert and some minor spoilers!), Engadget (careful here it’s quite spoilerish too I guess) but most detailed of all on NeoGAF and they make for some intriguing reading.

NeoGAF has a mountain of feedback on the game (don’t worry they are completely free from spoilers) which covers the essentials of the game including the open world, side missions, main missions (spoiler free), characters, hunting, looting and dialogue. The impressions are coming from several people so it does create a fuller picture than the others I’ve linked to here.

Personally all these have made me excited for a game that I was quite ambivalent about.


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