Resident Evil 7 has shipped 3,000,000 copies worldwide

Capcom announced through their ‘Resident Evil Ambassador’ program that Resident Evil 7 has now shipped 3,000,000 copies worldwide! 

As a thank you from Capcom they have made a previously unseen, VHS tape public! It’s titled ‘Launch Party’ and it’s well worth a watch!

This is incredibly good news for the game especially when you consider that Capcom had projected sales of 4,000,000. A number the game will surpass that within the next month if the current rate of sales stays the same!

The amazing performance of the game at retail will hopefully reinforce that this is what fans have wanted since RE4 and REVIII is looking like a dead cert, the horror is back folks – we did it!


3 thoughts on “Resident Evil 7 has shipped 3,000,000 copies worldwide

  1. Off the topic of your post, but I noticed that, in my RSS reader (Feedly), your posts now have a large graphic that says “Find us on Facebook!” akin to the one in your side bar, only about 2x the size. In addition to being the surprising lead to every post, it isn’t actually clickable in the reader, so the finding bit has more of a hide-and-seek element to it. Or maybe it is something of a dare.

    I bring this up just in case it was not your intention to place a big ad for Facebook at the top of every post that goes into your RSS feed. If it was, well, op success!

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