Huge Nintendo Switch Specification leak! 

I’m not one for tech specs – I understand only a tiny bit of them and even then I don’t understand them enough to definitively know what they mean in real life terms!

In saying that though there has been a massive leak of the on neogaf and Reddit! These leaks come from a dev kit that was being used by developers in July 2016 – and they blow the lid open on a LOT of what the Switch has to offer gamers! 

It is very interesting reading indeed and it looks totally legit! Here is an image that outlines everything so far…

The thread is incredibly detailed and it will answer any questions you have better than I could!

On top of this Dystify (a Neogaf poster of twitter) has thrown up some images of apparent Switch dev kits! The most interesting one has the dock inbuilt to the tablet!

While it looks unwieldy and uncomfortable – could this be a prototype for an all on one unit? Maybe even a proposed refinement a la New 3DS?

Expect more info dumps of this nature as the Switch release date draws nearer!


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