Gaming Tastes

…and how to satisfy them.


Just like a pick-n-mix, got to filter through the fillers!

Growing up, I was a sucker for the big experience. Games like Diablo, Neverwinter Nights, Ultima Online and World of Warcraft were the staples of my gaming habits from around 8 years old up until I was in my late teens. However, these days – although I still love the genres – I can never quite pull the trigger on these types of game purchases. But why?

Well, for starters it’s a time constraint issue. Being in my late 20’s now I have significantly less time than what I had back in my school days – just like everyone! I can’t sit and farm certain mobs for certain items or guard places for my guild like I could quite easily commit to back then. I would love to be able too don’t get me wrong but I only have probably between 10-15 hours of gaming time per week now!

The main reason though I think is my tastes have been changing quite significantly. While I can admire and get a bit rosy eyed looking back onto these titles or looking at new ones trying to emulate and evolve the formula – I am not quite sure my heart would be in it the same way it used to be.

These days I prefer what I like to call “intimate gaming experiences”. What is that I hear you cry? Well, they are games which I can just throw on when I have any spare time and have fun with – or can prearrange a “gaming date” with a couple of friends and play a few games and just enjoying that experience in a shell – basically games which never feel quite the same no matter how much you do it.

Games like Overwatch, The Division, The Crew and the upcoming For Honor all satisfy this criteria. Of course with the division it came seem like a time sink – and trust me, I fell down that plug hole hard on the initial release! But as time has wore on, I can just have fun rolling around the place picking up random pieces of clothing to expand my ever growing wardrobe – and just slaying mobs with friends.

Overwatch is great in as I can fire on a podcast or a super long game review on YouTube and listen to it while I play quick-play matches and just kind of zone out – similar to how I used to with Team Fortress. I am not bothered about getting 40+ kills or getting the Play of The Game. If I can have fun by myself (or more with friends!) and try to help my team on the objectives then that is more than enough for me!

Remember when I said a few weeks ago I am limiting myself to 4 games this year full price? Well, I never knew this game existed but I think the final game I will be buying at launch will be Ready At Dawn new IP ‘Deformers.’ A physics based multiplayer arena brawler – and it’s art style is cute to boot! Here is a game play video so you understand what I mean!

This is what I want from gaming! I want some small intimate experiences which aren’t massive time sinks and yet still feel fulfilling. It’s finding that right balance so that when the time comes you can fit in and justify purchasing stuff like Resident Evil 7 or Uncharted etc.

I will leave you with my new mantra when it comes to gaming – Time is precious – don’t waste it on stuff that doesn’t make you happy!


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