E3 2017 is open to the public

E3 is the epicentre of all gaming news – with the gaming worlds eyes directly on it – mega ton announcements come by the boat load. 

Over the years we’ve seen some almighty slobberknockers as the big two try to take chunks out of each other in the stage at the Los Angeles Concention Centre. Well I say “we have seen” but what I mean is we’ve watched the streams because it’s not open to the public…

…but not anymore! This years e3 is open to the public for the first time ever! They are making 15,000 tickets available for general purchase. That means from June 13-15th for $250 (with early bird tickets on sale from this Monday for $150) you will be able to take to the show floor and mingle with industry big wigs! 

This is a good move in my opinion as it may just entice companies like Nintendo (who have eschewed the show for the last few years) back to the convention centre and help turn it back into the razzle dazzle show it used to be! 

One thought on “E3 2017 is open to the public

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