Finally the wait is over!


“Drawn To Death” made by David Jaffe’s studio; The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency and SIE San Diego Studio made a very special announcement yesterday. The online multiplayer arena-brawler has finally got a release date!

It will be released on 4th April 2017 and this has been the first we have heard of a release date since the major announcement it would now to Pay-to-play rather than Free to Play. It will release with a $19.99 price tag! Hopefully that equates to £15.99 over here in the UK but I won’t be holding my breath! Here is the video of the announcement!

In other Playstation news, the Playstation Plus games for February are also now live! You can now go and “buy” and download the games for this month! The games are;

Little Big Planet 3 (PS4)

Not A Hero (PS4)

Starwhal (PS3/PS4 Cross-buy)

Anna: Extended Edition (PS3/PS4 Cross-buy)

Ninja Senki DX (PS4/PSVita Cross-buy)

TorqueL (PS4/PSVita Cross-buy)


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