Freedom Planet coming to Playstation 4!

In an unexpected piece of news; Sony have leaked (by publishing the blog page early) that the best Sonic game never made; Freedom Planet, is getting a PlayStation 4 port! 

Soon (there’s no official date as yet) PS4 owners will be able to save Avalice from the dastardly Lord Brevon in this SEGA Mega Drive-era Sonic the Hedgehog inspired platforming game.

The game has received incredibly positive reviews on PC and WiiU and will undoubtedly receive the same on PS4!

As soon as Sony officially announce the game and a release date – you’ll be sure to find it updated right here!

In the meantime enjoy the launch trailer to whet your appetite for one of the best indie games of recent years!


3 thoughts on “Freedom Planet coming to Playstation 4!

  1. Woah! I misread the title and, for whatever reason, thought you meant Lost Planet, as in Capcom’s space-y third person shooter.

    It’s not what I expected, but I’m certainly not disappointed! This is good news!

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