Four Honor

…. For reasons you should give it a chance!


This weekend, For Honor will be in a open beta for the first time (and last!) But why should you give it a chance? Let me try and convince you!

1) For Honor is secretly a fighting game. Seriously! That may seem a bit stupid to say when you look at gameplay videos and such but what I mean is – it is more similar to Power stone than a Onimusha which is what everyone thought it would be like.

It is a classic 3d fighter – movesets, attack combos, environment kills – all in there! A lot of people are abandoning the game after an hour or less in the previous beta ,which I found quite sad. If you put just a wee bit of time into a character who has a play style you like – stick with it! You won’t be disappointed!

2) Getting involved in a fight where you find yourself outnumbered,whether it’s in dominion or 2v2 brawls – really frantic! I got trapped at a flag capture by two opponents and somehow, some way, I was blocking both their attacks straight after one another then managed to kill one and rammed his friend off the ledge almost straight after! I do not know if it was me getting seriously lucky or if it has an automatic block window where it will block the very next attack if you are getting ganked! Either way, I felt like a total bad ass!

3) Each of the characters are insanely unique! Whether you like to be defensive and pick your moments, get up into people’s faces or attack from afar there is a character who you can use to compliment that style! There is something for everyone, just got to find the right one for you!

4) Realise there is more too it than “this character is OP”. During beta I heard this A LOT – mainly about peacekeeper. Now, I never played her but I played along against her and I won my fair share! Sure it comes down to the other players skills but you can affect how the fight pans out. Know when and how to block certain combos, try and learn what your opponent’s doing. If they keep going for the same combo first two rounds chances are that won’t change!

I really think For Honor deserves a chance from anyone who has a slight interest in this title from videos or hearing about it! Open beta means you have no excuses! I’ll see you all on the battlefield!


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