Free ‘Toy Wars’ game added to Playroom VR today! 

Sony have updated the excellent playroom VR with a new game today – the co-op tower defence game ‘Toy Wars’.

According to Nicolas Doucet the game is;

“a four-player co-op tower defense-style game set in an underground base under the bedroom of our hero. You must shoot and smash waves of enemies coming at you without the VR player getting hit a single time. And as with other games in The Playroom VR, it has asynchronous gameplay – you can play Toy Wars alone in VR or with up to three extra friends helping you on the television”.

The game looks super cute (as does the rest of the playroom) and if it’s up to the standard of the other games this will be a blast to play!

It’s available right now on PSN and it’s free – so it literally costs nothing to find out!

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