Resident Evil VII DLC Lands Today on PS4(plus how to play the DLC).

Thanks to the exclusivity deal with Sony (thank you PSVR) the first DLC pack for Resident Evil 7 has hit the PSN store!

This pack is called ‘Banned Footage Vol.1’ and it has quite a lot of content including;

  • Nightmare Mode: Is basically a horde mode in which you have to craft weapons and healing items while you fend off waves of enemies increasing in difficulty as you go!
  • Ethan Must Die Mode: Is a ‘incredibly difficult’ extra mode that is completely separate from the main game. (not PSVR compatible)
  • Bedroom: Is a room escape mode in which you must escape – a bedroom, but be careful because Marguerite is prowling and she doesn’t like it when you disobey her!

‘Banned Footage Vol. 1’ costs just £7.99 or is also part of the Season pass which costs £24.99.

How to play the DLC…

Starting the DLC is a little bit of a puzzle in itself because it’s not part of the main story and it cannot be accessed in it; but here’s how it’s done:

  1. On the main menu go to the tape recorder (the load select screen)
  2. Choose play extra content
  3. Select what piece of content you want to play
  4. Enjoy the new modes



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