Games with Gold February 2017

Microsoft have announced the selection of games with gold for February 2017 and it is an excellent month for both consoles!

The quality of titles is extremely high and of course there are the benefits of Backwards compatibility and 3200 in gamerscore up for grabs!

Here are the games you will be given for free come next Wednesday.

February 1st-15: You will be given the excellent Lovers in a dangerous space time (Xbox one). This co-op shooter really is a great game and one that will be a big hit in friendship groups. It currently enjoys a 83/100 on meta critic!

And one Xbox 360 you will receive The Secret of Monkey Island which is an excellent remaster of the classic Tim Schafer point’n’click adventure game.
February 16th-28th: Sees Project Cars being offered on Xbox One. Again this is another excellent game; if you enjoy hardcore racing simulators, this is right up with the best of them! 

Closing the month for Xbox 360 is The Force Unleashed, and this is undoubtedly the weakest game of the month. It’s a fun diversion with some amazing set pieces – don’t expect to be blown away by it though.


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