My Favourite runs of Awesome Games Done Quick 2017: Part 2


On Tuesday when I was taking a look at my favourite runs of AGDQ 2017 – it quickly became apparent that I had far too many for one post.

After putting up with a few webpage crashes upon loading the page, I decided to split the posts into two. This decision is actually beneficial for you dear reader; let me explain why! You have had two days to watch the great runs I linked you to on Tuesday and now you’re hungry for more!

Well. Here’s seconds…

Sonic Adventure (Big the Cat Run) by Jerkro

What should have been boring and ridiculous was actually just brilliant! Jerkro is just a really likeable guy and the crowd were amazing!

Mystery Game Tournament

This was an AGDQ first; and it was absolutely brilliant! 4 players who have minimal exposure to 4 games attempt to speed run with a ‘loser is out’ format made for some great watching! The game selection was God-tier too!

Super Metroid (Rotation Run) by Feral5x

Speedrunning Super Metroid is difficult enough! Now imagine rotating that screen 90 degrees and doing a speedrun that way… this is what feral5x did! Why he wants to put himself through this; I do not know – but it certainly is impressive!

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy by Headstrong1290

This was a class run that was full of fun! From the time travelling save file to the unbelievable skill on show -craic was had and it’s my favourite way to consume the game now!

Super Dram World by GrandPooBear

Super Dram World is a ridiculously difficult ROM hack that was absolutely destroyed by GrandPooBear! The amount of skill that was on show here is not even funny – it is an incredible run! Better than this is top level banter from GPB and the amazing crowd! This was probably my favourite run of the week – unbelievable!

TASbot VS Block

TASbot is a speedrunning machine! Literally! It can do things that no person can and this entire block was amazing! The programmers were really funny and the runs were awe-inspiring! A must watch in my opinion!

That was my favourites!

What were yours? Tell me in the comments/twitter/facebook!



5 thoughts on “My Favourite runs of Awesome Games Done Quick 2017: Part 2

  1. I already told you mine in your first article, but I will say that I still need to watch the TASbot block! I also didn’t get a chance to properly watch the Mystery Game Tournament, so I’ll have to catch the VOD for that. I said it last time though, this was an awesome GDQ!

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