My favourite runs of Awesome Games Done Quick 2017: Part 1

agdq-2016-1-770x470Last week was one of the two best weeks of the year; it was the week of Awesome Games Done Quick! The twice annual celebration of speed running and simultaneous fundraiser for charity!

It’s a marathon that runs 24 hours a day for the full week and covers every game you would care to list! It is always an amazing watch but what is even better than the gameplay is the fact that it is an incredibly effective way of boosting funds and awareness of different charities (this year it was the Prevent Cancer Foundation).

And an incredible year too – they smashed the $2,200,000 dollar mark and had too many amazing runs to list. But that is exactly what I am going to try to do anyway!

Keep in mind that it is impossible to watch every run – so what’s here are merely my favourites from what I saw; there are hundreds more on their YouTube channel! If I have missed your favourite run, please tell me in the comments and link me to the youtube video too so everyone has easy access to it!

Speedrunning is life! Gotta go fast!

It should be noted that as I was composing this article the amount of video caused it to open slowly and prone to crashes – so I have split it down the middle, into 2 articles so you guys don’t experience that!

Little Samson by xdragon95

A world record run by xdragon95 – a hugely impressive feat!

Adams Family by garbonzoguy

A hugely impressive run; this was a no damage run and it is absolutely incredible to watch!

Ori and the blind forest (OREO run) by Sigma

This was another incredible run in a category I have never heard of before! OREO means Ori Reverse Event Order – the runner does everything in the game backwards!

It is incredible to watch – check it out; how do they find this stuff out?! I’ll never know!

Mighty No. 9 (Maniac run) by GreenzSabre

One of the most entertaining runs that I had the pleasure of watching!

GreenzSabre is such an endearing guy who is genuinely funny it makes this run (which is technically brilliant) much better than it had any right to be!

Halo 2 by Cryphon

This was just an incredible run – it showcases immense skill, dedication and of course how to absolutely break a game to pieces in order to save 10 seconds! It is a brilliant run of a brilliant game.

Fortified Zone by CuteFluffyBunny

This run was just brilliant! The commentary was hilarious and it has the bonus of containing; possibly, the most casual reaction to a world record you are likely to see!

What were your favourite runs of AGDQ? 

Tell us (and link) in the comments/twitter/facebook!


5 thoughts on “My favourite runs of Awesome Games Done Quick 2017: Part 1

  1. AGDQ was excellent this year! I actually haven’t seen any of the runs you posted, except for Mighty No. 9, which was also one of my favorite runs this year! I won’t link them all, but I also loved the following runs: Undertale (their finale run), Pokemon Emerald, Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario Bros. (warpless), the DKC trilogy relay, La-Mulana, Super Dram World, Super Metroid (rotated), and the entire Awful Games block. That awful block was so good!


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