Nintendo Switch Presentation Reactions

…it has to be good, right? Right?


Back in October Nintendo unveiled it’s latest console via a youtube video and this past Friday morning at 4am Nintendo had a press conference to show case it’s latest console and games, called the Nintendo Switch. So, did they switch the game up?

Well it started off pretty hype with it’s light show and DJ getting the mood just right, but once the talking started it took a massive dip – very very fast! The first thing was the release date, right off the bat! I thought Nintendo meant business when it announced it’s March 3rd release date – it was aggressive and wasted absolutely no time from unveiling to market. Surely it would have a price to match?

Eeh, no – not quite! I was ready to jump in for a Nintendo Switch at the rumored prices (£199.99 basic SKU, £249.99 SKU with a game) but I can not and will not buy one at it’s quite steep RRP of £279.99. It may not seem much but that is it’s price when both of it’s major competitors both have bundles which are £30-40 cheaper AND that doesn’t even include a game! This was followed by the announcement of the eradication of free online and they will now be charging for that privilege. They had better step up and get rid of the piss poor friend system and connection errors which plague the 3ds and Wii U.

So surely the games would make up for it? £279.99 is steep but hey come on, if it’s the only place you can play Mario you got to be all in right? WRONG! No Mario until “Holidays 2017”. WHAT THE HELL NINTENDO?! In fact, outside of Zelda : Breath of the Wild I am pretty sure the only new launch title it will have is 1,2 Switch (which…I am not even going to comment on to be perfectly honest). Sure it will have multi-plats but they are all already available on other platforms and probably look better there, not to mention cheaper!
How, how can they justify this? In my opinion, if the Switch came out in November/December this year alongside Splatoon 2 (Should have been called Spla2n), Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda – I would jump in for £279.99. At least it has games then but you have two new games (one of which is available on Wii U!) and then nothing for months.

Not only is Breath of the Wild available for the Wii U as well as Switch, you pay £20 LESS for the Wii U version than Switch. Again, how do you justify that? It is just pure greed! This is before you even factor in the prices for accessories. £64.99 for the pro controller, £74.99 for a pair of Joy Cons, £27.99 for a grip and £27.99 for a charger? What are Nintendo on?

For these prices and the absurd , absolutely ludicrous game prices – I can quite happily wait at least a year Nintendo. I was so excited for it when I first saw the trailer in October, the concept, the technology – it all seemed so bloody magical! I will jump in when I can get it bundled with Mario for sub £200. The 3DS and Wii U have taught Nintendo nothing. You blew it, you blew it so damn hard.


3 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Presentation Reactions

  1. I agree. It seems Nintendo did not learn from their mistakes. Here is another weak launch line-up and an underpowered console. I think in the end it will do a little bit better than the Wii u; for starters, the marketing is much better. But overall I don’t think it will be a success.


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